How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Press Release |

Press releases are an essential public relations tool. Whether using an online press release to create widespread news coverage, or as an internet marketing tactic to gain backlinks and boost SEO or as a combination of both, press release distribution will help boost the reach received with each news release.

But how can you extend the reach of your PR? By placing a link to current press releases directly on a homepage or in a current news section of a website, online press releases will receive more targeted traffic. It is also a great way to keep those who already know about your company up to date with product and service announcements, tradeshow participation, executive hires and other important company news.

Another tool for boosting the reach of an online press release is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a way of submitting a news article to multiple sites, such as Digg[1] or Delicious[2], which will house a link to your original story that is tagged by a short description and keywords. Users of social bookmarking sites can search news that was submitted as a way of finding stories interesting to them. These social bookmarking sites will not only gain more readers for a press release but they also help with search engine optimization.

The top trafficked social media sites are also a place that online press releases should be posted to boost their reach. By crafting a catchy Tweet[3], Facebook[4] status update or LinkedIn[5] post, and including a link back to the online press release, a company can generate increased visibility for their news. Not only will those connected with the company on these social networking platforms have the chance to see the news article, but when a post is re-Tweeted or “liked” all the connections of the networker who interacted with the post will also see the press release show up in their streaming news. Social sharing is a way that news can quickly become viral across the internet.

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