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New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – November 9, 2020 – The world is transforming and looking for newer methods to make great savings. New technologies are hitting the market and helping people to make savings in every sphere of life. The world of transportation is also changing rapidly with new technologies coming up every day. Effuel is the new eco OBD2 chip that is launched for car owners who want to have better power, torque and fuel efficiency in their car. The OBD2 chip is efficient in making good savings on fuel while increasing the efficiency and torque of your car.

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It is the revolutionary fuel saver that reduces the consumption of fuel by 25%. With the use of Effuel, one can reduce the consumption of oil of your car.

  • Boosts the power and torque of your car
  • Works efficiently with fuel inject engines
  • Controls the waste of fuel on road
  • Controls and monitor the fuel consumption of the car
  • Maintain efficient flow of fuel in car
  • Improvises the mileage of your car while reducing the consumption of gas
  • Very cost-effective solution for controlling excessive fuel consumption      

Effuel is the OBD2 chip that is easy to install on the Electronic Control Unit and it works efficiently to reduce the consumption of oil or gas by 25%. It is the innovative device that is launched to optimize the performance of your car while reducing the consumption of gasoline.

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Overview of Effuel!

Effuel is the innovative device or OBD2 chip that is designed for fuel inject engines and its role is to reduce the gasoline consumption by 25% without hampering the mileage of the car. The OBD2 device is installed on the Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle which is the central system of the car to monitor its performance and fuel efficiency. The device monitors the performance and fuel consumption of your car and minimizes the fuel wastage while reducing the consumption by 25%. It is not only effective in heightening the fuel efficiency, but also boosts the torque and power of the car.

  • The device needs to be installed with ECU system of the car
  • Manages the performance, power and torque of the car
  • Reduces the wastage of fuel
  • Controls the fuel consumption and reduces 25% fuel wastage
  • Reduces fuel consumption but never hampers the mileage of the car      

The device is easy to use. You only have to plug-in the device into the ECU system and enjoy its benefits. There is no need of any specialized tools or skills required for installation of the OBD2 chip in the ECU system of the vehicle.

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How Does Effuel Control the Fuel Consumption of Car?

Effuel is designed by the expert engineers in the field and it is designed keeping in mind the unique mechanism of the fuel inject engines. The OBD2 chip works by reducing the consumption of fuel in the car by 25%, as claimed by the manufacturer. The unique functioning of the device is to adjust and control the behaviour of the ECU system of the car. It acts as ECO OBD2 chip that is plugged into the OBD2 interface of the car to work efficiently.

  • The OBD2 chip is installed with the ECU system to work efficiently in adjusting and controlling the fuel efficiency.
  • It works to adjust and monitor the fuel consumption of the car
  • It works in conjunction with the ECU system to control and improvise the performance of the car
  • As it is successfully installed in the ECU system, it works by learning the driving propensities
  • It learns the crucial aspects including, level of time spend on journey, flow of fuel and more. It monitors the driving behaviour up to 150 miles and uses the data to tune up the ECU to reduce the fuel wastage and enhance the consumption.     
  • It can be installed on all models of car that are backed by fuel inject engine.

What Makes Effuel Different?

  • Effuel is the OBD2 innovative device that can help car owners to save lots of money on gasoline. The gadget works efficiently to reduce fuel consumption of your car by 25%. It device is well controlled, well designed and comprehensive in design.
  • Effuel works for the best injection of fuel into combustion chamber and manages the fuel flow.
  • The device is comfortable to install and it fits on the fuel control unit of the vehicle. It is liable for injecting fuel into the engine and manages the flow to prevent fuel wastage.
  • The device works according to the statistics and behaviour of the car in terms of fuel consumption up to 150 miles.
  • It works to monitor the average distance, mileage and flow of fuel and uses the data to optimize the efficiency of fuel.
  • The device works to ensure that the consumption of the fuel is minimal by the combustion chamber and it heightens the torque and power of the car along with fuel efficiency

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Pros & Cons of Effuel


  • Saves lots of money on gasoline
  • Improvises the fuel efficiency of your vehicle
  • Reduces fuel wastages up to 25%
  • ECO friendly device that boast lesser impact on environment
  • Heightens the power by 35% and torque by 25%
  • Revives the ECU unit of the car to manage the fuel consumption
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Makes your rides smoother while increasing mileage with less gasoline consumption


  • Not good model for the older models
  • Suitable only for the latest fuel inject engines
  • Very little details about the product is available
  • The OBD2 chip is only available online from its website
  • No reviews from verified users have been found online

The Claimed Functioning of Effuel!

  • As the manufacturer of Effuel, the device is designed to work with the ECU unit of the car to improvise the fuel efficiency of your vehicle while enhancing the mileage, torque and power.
  • The manufacturer also claims that the owner of the vehicle would experience the same performance but with less fuel consumption. It boosts fuel efficiency of the car and revives the torque, ECU and power
  • The device claims to work comprehensively to revive the ECU unit of your car and monitor the flow of fuel to prevent further wastage of gasoline in your car while increasing mileage, torque and power.    

How to Install and Use of Effuel?

The official website and the product come with a comprehensive guide on installation. Users are required to follow the instruction guide to install the device correctly and enjoy its fuel efficiency benefits. You are not required to have specialized skills or any mechanic to install the device successfully. Follow the below instructions to install the device successfully on the car.

  • Turn off your car and take the car key from the ignition
  • From the dashboard of your car you have to find the OBD2 connector
  • Now you have to take the device and plug in to the OBD2 connector
  • Turn the car on and drive the car up to 150 miles to allow the device to monitor the behaviour and work accordingly

Is Effuel Approved and Certified?

Effuel is the revolutionary fuel saver that is designed to optimize the fuel efficiency of your car. It is the device that is designed and manufactured at certified factory and it is certified and tested by different automobile testing labs. So, it is the certified product that is designed by the experienced and renowned automobile engineers.

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Effuel is designed after years of research and understanding the unique mechanism of the fuel inject engines. But, it is important that users must do their research and read the instructions before buying it and install it as instructed to see effective results in fuel efficiency.

What Customers Have to Say?

  • “My car is very expensive and the mileage was quite low according to fuel consumption. My mechanic suggested me to use Effuel. After installing it into the ECU unit of my car, I noticed positive changes in torque and performance and fuel consumption is also lowered.”
  • “My car is fuel efficient now after the use of Effuel. It is the revolutionary device that controls and manages the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber of my car. Now I drive more mileage with less fuel.”
  • “I have been using Effuel for many months now and found no issues with the device. In fact, the device is quite helpful in controlling wastage of fuel and enhancing the performance and torque of my car. Use it if you want to save money on gasoline.”       

Where to Buy Effuel?

People who are interested in buying the device for fuel efficiency of their car must visit its official website to place order. It is not available at any automobile dealer or mechanic shops. You have to go to its website to purchase the device for your car. You have to shell out around $40 excluding shipping charges to buy a unit of Effuel.   

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